What are Backlinks? 

Backlinks are some of the most powerful search engine optimization (SEO) tools for ranking websites high on search engines, especially Google. Over the years, especially in the early days of SEO, backlinks have proven to be an embracing tool for better search engine ranking purposes. Even at that time, backlinks were the most effective variables to establish a page’s SEO ranking. There are several types of backlinks which include editorial backlinks, webinar links, badge backlinks, comment backlinks, guest post backlinks, etc.

Links inform Google that a website is well recognized and therefore deserves to be rank high on the Google result page. As such, a better way to improve the ranking of a website on google is by acquiring quality backlinks for such a site.

Backlinks for your outdoor-related website 

Whether you sell outdoor and camping-related products on your website or your website offers outdoor and camping programs, acquiring relevant and high-quality outdoor backlinks for your outdoor website is very important. Not only would relevant backlinks get you better ranking on Google, but it will also improve your business’ visibility.

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Factors Impacting the Value of Backlinks 

  1. Authority of Linking Site

The most valuable backlinks are those that come from quality and relevant websites. Before acquiring outdoor backlinks for your website, it is recommended that you know the authority of the site before using the site for link building. Links from quality sites would improve your website’s SEO than those from low-quality sites.

The authority of a website can be determined by checking the linking site’s Alexa Rank. Alexa Rank would provide a score that determines the quality of such a site. Websites with higher Alexa Rank has less quality than those with low Alexa Rank.

  1. On-Site Link Location 

The location of a link in a site determines how effective it would be for SEO ranking. Links that are placed on the main page of a site has proven to be more valuable than others. As such, when looking to acquire and build high-quality outdoor backlinks, buy links that will be included on the main page of your site.

How Backlinks aid Better Ranking on Google 

  1. Improves Website’s Authority 

The major benefit of backlinks is that it helps a website gain authority. If your website is linked to a site that has a very high authority, not only will it give Google a good impression about your site, but it will also give a good impression to the users. Adding quality backlinks to your site will positively affect your website ranking on Google and consequently, improve the website’s authority.

  1. Increases Traffic 

High-quality backlinks will ensure that your website gets more traffics. In essence, getting backlinks from sites with high traffic would help you get more traffic for your website, thereby ranking your page better on Google.

  1. Improves Visibility 

Backlinks from a high-quality website would help improve your website’s visibility. If the sites you’re building links from are of high visibility, your webpage would experience an improvement in its visibility on Google. In essence, quality backlinks can get more people to know about your business.

High-Quality Backlinks 

High authority and relevant websites offer quality backlinks than otherwise. When looking to buy high-quality backlinks for your outdoor website, the following metrics would help you determine the quality of the linking website.

  1. Trust flow 

The trust flow of a website is calculated on a scale of 0 to 100%. A website with high trust flow can be considered an authoritative and quality website for link building.


  1. Spam score 

The spam score of a website shows how safe the website is for backlinking. It is always calculated on a scale of 0 to 17. Upon calculating a website’s spam score, if it is below 5, the site is valuable for backlinking.


  1. Index status 

Index status reveals whether a website is indexed in Google or not. If a website is indexed in Google, it is valuable to pass the SEO juice into your site but if you acquire backlinks from any websites that fails index test, it can damage your site’s Google ranking.

  1. Citation flow 

This metric is also used to determine the quality of a backlink. Citation flow is often calculated on a scale of 0 to 100%. If a website has a high-quality citation flow score, backlinks provided from such a site would be valuable for SEO ranking.

Why Outdoor Backlinks from Outdoorbloggerz is best for your Website? 

  1. All Linking Sites Have Pass Google Metric Tests 

Outdoorbloggerz is a powerful site to get SEO link juice. Not only are the links 100% relevant and of high quality, but they’ve been established as highly authoritative and valuable through backlink metric tests.

  1. Reliable Backlinks for Long-Term Purpose 

When you receive temporary backlinks from an outdoor website, frustrations can arise if the backlinks stop serving their purposes. As such, reliable backlinks that can serve for the long-term are what you should acquire for your site.

  1. Diverse Links for Desired Result

There are several types of backlinks, all of which have varying levels of importance and value. Depending on the sole purpose of link building, outdoorbloggerz will provide relevant outdoor links that will rank your web page better on Google search result page.

Building a Better Backlink Strategy for Better Ranking on Google

Link building is an effective strategy to improve the SEO ranking of a website on Google. It is mostly about the quality of the backlinks and not quality. A single quality and relevant backlink would have a more positive impact on your page’s ranking that a bunch of low-quality backlinks.

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